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06/15/2010 23:16
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What's worth doing at all is worth doing well.

06/15/2010 23:05
I couldn't push that statement out of my mind today. My main focus today was writing an essay. This essay is so important that it feels like my whole future rests on it. That is probably wrong to say but everyone has done really important things so you guys know what I mean. Anyway, the more I...

Publisher's Discount Today Only!!!

06/09/2010 15:40
Publisher's Discount Today Only!!! 70% off the price of Blossoming! Order now to take advantage of this offer. Offer ends thursday morning! By using the code Today70 you can get blossoming for only $8.99 instead of the regular price of $29.95. No minimum order for this discount! You can...

Discount News

06/08/2010 12:56
Every week, there are special offers from the publisher on Blossoming and the other thousands of novels in the PublishAmerica bookstore. These special offers are always posted on the homepage and the news page of this website. Keep checking this website for updates on...


06/05/2010 23:41
"People suck, they are sure to dissapoint you." My firends have heard me say this a thousand times. I also tell them that I cannot be dissapointed by people's crappy actions because I do not have high expectations of them. I say, " It's just what people do. I expect them to mess up". One of my...

Huge Discount Today Only!!!

06/02/2010 00:22
Huge Discount Today Only!!!  Special offer from the publisher: 80% off the price of Blossoming! Order now to take advantage of this offer. By using the code POWER80 you can get blossoming for only $5.99 instead of the regular price of $29.95. You can order by following the link below:...

Junkie...and he's the one??

06/01/2010 12:57
 A junkie for responsibility.  Surprisingly, there are many people that are exactly that. Take for example, a girl, who is practically a part of me, that gets depressed when she has too much free time. Her best days are those without breaks, one that is perfectly scheduled....

My Today's Ifs

05/31/2010 02:50
If Victor Frankienstein had the skills a plastic surgeon, his creation would not have been spiteful and Mary Shelly would have had no horror story. If cooking took less time than eating a meal, then maybe more people would take up cooking. If everyone was happy, happy won't be a word. If...


05/30/2010 00:59
When you are bored, you feel dead. But if God is on your mind, if you have God, you won't get bored, you won't feel dead because we have life in christ. It is not fair when those who desire something of late get what they desire while those who have wanted all their lives do not get it, especially...

Beautiful Classics

05/29/2010 14:48
1. Mamma Mia - ABBA 2. Take a chance on me - ABBA 3. Dancing Queen - ABBA 4. A Whole New World - Alan Menken 5. Here with me - Dido 6. Smooth Criminal - Micheal Jackson 7. Thriller - Micheal Jackson 8. My Heart will go on - Celine Dion 9. Here comes the Sun - The Beatles 10. Dreaming - OMD 11....
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