What's worth doing at all is worth doing well.

06/15/2010 23:05
I couldn't push that statement out of my mind today. My main focus today was writing an essay. This essay is so important that it feels like my whole future rests on it. That is probably wrong to say but everyone has done really important things so you guys know what I mean. Anyway, the more I...


06/05/2010 23:41
"People suck, they are sure to dissapoint you." My firends have heard me say this a thousand times. I also tell them that I cannot be dissapointed by people's crappy actions because I do not have high expectations of them. I say, " It's just what people do. I expect them to mess up". One of my...

Junkie...and he's the one??

06/01/2010 12:57
 A junkie for responsibility.  Surprisingly, there are many people that are exactly that. Take for example, a girl, who is practically a part of me, that gets depressed when she has too much free time. Her best days are those without breaks, one that is perfectly scheduled....

My Today's Ifs

05/31/2010 02:50
If Victor Frankienstein had the skills a plastic surgeon, his creation would not have been spiteful and Mary Shelly would have had no horror story. If cooking took less time than eating a meal, then maybe more people would take up cooking. If everyone was happy, happy won't be a word. If...


05/30/2010 00:59
When you are bored, you feel dead. But if God is on your mind, if you have God, you won't get bored, you won't feel dead because we have life in christ. It is not fair when those who desire something of late get what they desire while those who have wanted all their lives do not get it, especially...

Dark, Gothic, Bondage-like love.

05/26/2010 16:21
    I don't really know if there is  really something like the title's third category of love but in my mind there sure is. I mean, you watch movies in which two people in love show no apparent joy of being in love but instead, they express this intense need, for...

Website Hits

05/25/2010 16:58
I'm so excited that my website had over 2000 hits since it was created less than a week ago. This is great and encouraging news. I have updated the links page. It contains links to my other website, the facebook fan page, and other useful links.

Blossoming is Released!!!

05/22/2010 22:39
 Blossoming has been released and is now available to be purchased on the author's website. You can purchase a copy by clinking on the Buy Books tab or following the link: