Blossoming - Synopsis

When Anastasia left home to pursue her dreams, she could not have imagined how disrupted her life would become following a surprisingly short but devastatingly powerful encounter with a young man, Alec. After he left, she searched for him everywhere and in everyone. Anastasia ended up looking in the wrong place and was taken advantage of in the most cruel way possible. She soon faced the difficult option of giving up everything for the sake of life.

Blossoming describes abortion, adoption, and motherhood from the perspective of a young woman. Anastasia takes you through her tumultuous and lonely journey with captivating story telling. Conquering frustration, depression, and desolation, while holding unto one’s dreams and values, is no easy task. People handle emotional issues differently. Anastasia tried isolating herself, hurting herself, and even running away to get out of her misery before she was forced to grow up and handle her problems.