Junkie...and he's the one??

06/01/2010 12:57

 A junkie for responsibility.

 Surprisingly, there are many people that are exactly that. Take for example, a girl, who is practically a part of me, that gets depressed when she has too much free time. Her best days are those without breaks, one that is perfectly scheduled. Sometimes, I can't tell if it is the results of her hard work that gives her satisfaction or if she just enjoys the rush she feels from trying to squeeze in her many responsibilities in so little time. Sometimes this restless behavior of hers gets so compulsive that sometimes, she unconsciously asks her self: 'what do I have to do next!'. Anyway, thank God her compulsiveness is productive because she is quite successful.


 He's the one. I can feel it.

 How many times have we heard girls say that? At one time, I've said it to myself. I remember standing in front of the mirror that day, smiling and I felt it. It felt so right, so true. I knew he was the one and I proclaimed it with so much conviction. Sadly enough, Mr. The One was quite ambivalent.

That day, when I stepped away from the mirror, I laughed at myself. Maybe I didn't know what I was saying. I was not in a movie; I could not imagine myself in a love story so there had to be some other explanation about my conviction. With time and his absence, this conviction faded. But time and time again, I would see him and I would know again that he was the one. And I would say to myself; 'even if he is not the one, we have to have a story. His life has to intertwine in mine at some point because he is a part of my future. We might make beautiful memories or painful ones. We might share intense joy or great pain. Good or bad, he is a part of my future. I can feel it and I have never felt this way about anyone.'