05/30/2010 00:59

When you are bored, you feel dead. But if God is on your mind, if you have God, you won't get bored, you won't feel dead because we have life in christ.

It is not fair when those who desire something of late get what they desire while those who have wanted all their lives do not get it, especially if they do not get it due to social, financial, or economic status. But I am not disadvantaged in any way. God my father will give me what I desire, he will pave the way for me. By having God, I have the highest connection, friends in the highest places. He has granted me my hearts desire, my life long dream. Everyday is a testimony that this has happened.

The human mind is very radical. Just a small change can cause a huge shift in perspective. You may feel depressed or dead. But then you do something, you spend time with those that matter and you feel so alive, so happy.

When you experience something you wish you didn't, the best thing to do is to try very hard to pretend it didn't happen because that is the closest you can get to erasing what happened. It works! Sometimes...