What's worth doing at all is worth doing well.

06/15/2010 23:05

I couldn't push that statement out of my mind today.

My main focus today was writing an essay. This essay is so important that it feels like my whole future rests on it. That is probably wrong to say but everyone has done really important things so you guys know what I mean. Anyway, the more I ponder on how important my essay is, the sillier every idea I write down looks.

My fussing over this essay got me irritated over a TV show!

Someone at home was watching Lost, season 2 and it was awfully annoying that Nigeria was portrayed inaccurately. The women dressed wrongly and sounded South African instead of Nigerian. Yoruba, the Nigerian language spoken in this episode of lost sounded forced and bad to the hearing. I mean, how hard can it be to observe actual life in Nigeria and take some time to aim for accuracy? After all, what's worth doing at all is worth doing well. Besides, it would not have killed them to hire Nigerian actors to speak the language correctly since they could not learn it.